25 February 2009

Semester 1 ending.

yearp, you heard me right.

my first semester here in college is almost ending. i'm kindda fascinated really because it's only been 2 months. foundation course really is a fast course. won't be having classes from tomorrow onwards because study break's here. kindda sad about not being able to have another one of miss t's classes anymore until i enroll into UniSA in taylor's. sigh.

imma miss miss t. *cries*

heyo! anyone up for a game of pool with queen t? call me up!

woke up late for classes today. i never thought i'd see the day that i'd actually wake up late for classes but as i saw my room so bright when i opened my eyes in the morning i screamed "SHIT" so loud it woke my roommate up.

hehehe. XP

classes were at 8am and i woke up a 8.08am. i practically RAN to get dressed and straight on to campus. in my head i was thinking "shit shit shit" all the way...

...only to find that half the class was late anyway due to the traffic jam that the city had today.


woke up with a terrible sore-throat too. i hate mem-batuk-ing. : (

had a blast during miss t's class today. gave jasmeen and juann a surprise birthday "party". bekah and caryn came in with a cake and all. : ) did a bit of revision in class but ended real quick after that.

played charades in class with my coursemates too.

sometimes i find myself falling more and more in love with my coursemates everyday. we might not all be the same on the outside and on the inside, but somehow we just click in the most mysterious ways. we may not be close like 26 peas in a pod, but we're just about the craziest bunch you can get.

i really can't bear thinking about ending my foundation year here and seeing everyone going their separate ways in degree. i'm really going to miss having sketches and presentations with the group.

but the thing i'd miss the most is the laughter that we all share during classes. : (

was thinking about having a class outing. IDEAS, PEOPLE! : )

my feet are burning up now. was dragged to the pyramid by puteri jakarta tasha. walked around and got some stuff for home....

... but only regretted it afterwards because my coursemates WENT FOR SHOTS NEAR AC OMGGGGGGGGGGG WHY DID I NOT STICK WITH THEM INSTEAD AND RAN OFF OMGGGG!! *dies

amber! it's on next time!!

(wahai kawan-kawan you're more than welcome to join whenever you feel like it. XP)

my money's been flying away like mad recently. i really need to keep track on my expences from now onwards. : (

going to head to sunway pyramid with the bunch of my friends again tomorrow. currently attending would be amber, dix-chix, caryn and the crazy meen. bekah's going with her mum and juann's going with her other friends.


going to update the pictures for our sketches soon. my connection isn't on my side apparently so i'll update them next time.

looking forward to the splurging spree tomorrow?

i sure hope so. : )


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