26 February 2009

Running around at The Pyramid.

ran around pyramid with friends today. was originally going to hunt down some dresses for tomorrow's orientation dinner but since mum's asked cousin nicolas to bring over last year's prom dress and shoes for me, i just went around with the buds.

originally promised myself NOT to spend too much on unnecessary stuff...

... but failed tremendously again. O_O

took some pictures along the way. didn't take as much pictures as i thought we would, but we did camwhore somewhat along the way. : )

michellious don't look good in beanies. =_=

"lepak"-ing at the pyramid.
l-r: octopus, caryn, dix chix and jasmin MEEN MEEN.

right outside The Face Shop.

amber wanted to take photos of us in the shops but most of the shop-assistants didn't allow the use of cameras within the premises. got us so pissed, 'specially amber. could've gotten lots of silly pictures if it weren't for the rule. =_=

but being the rebellions that we are, we managed to sneak a few while shopping. XP

meen and her new fedora @ forever 21.

*accidently* splurged on a red-n-black checkered woven shirt for RM99. hehehe. XP had to phone mum just to ask her if i could get it. can't believe i spent almost RM100 already. : (

must. prevail. *tahan*

swap at the big fat fly.

amberrrr HEARTS big funky glasses. hehehe.

getting emo.

waiting for michellious to try on some clothes because she takes so daym loooooong. XP

i super LOVE amber's statement shirt. : )

amber, dix-chix and i all got statement shirts at this shop called Discreet. i totally like mine.



ran around Asian Avenue too. decided to get ourselves some temporary tattoo coz we tha shiznit. XP

caryn is excited and happy to get her tattoo, as you can see.

proud of her new tats. : )


amber got 4-43 while i went for the long-awaited 4-63. ^_^

a happy amber. : )

berrrr's tat. : )

camwhored outside the toilet area too because we daym narssicisstic. XP

after that we just went around browsing. amber recommended us the wraps near the ice-skating rink. resisted temptation to buy one because i spent too much earlier. XO

meen meen.

dix-chix and her BBQ chicken wrap.

backside amberrrrr and her wrap.

caryn babe and hers. : ) she was nice to lemme finish the last bits. ^_^

(dix ran to get something at guardian's so she ain't in this. GET YOUR BUTT IN NEXT TIME DIX CHIX! XD)


basically just ran around the mall getting stuff. didn't get much but had fun anyways. ^_^ met sue mae, rebekah and juann along the way too.



still thinking what to do tomorrow. aniticipation boils from within as althea will arrive with her hair thingies to deal with my mop of a hair-do. XP

ready for orientation dinner tonight, peeps? : )

2 spilled milk:

CharT said...

Show! Show woven shirt! and ALL other stuff you bought. =D

Hehee glad to hear you're gonna wear the prom dress. You're soooo gonna make all the guys die of nose bleeds. ^_^ Take lots of pics!

... I want a wrap... @_@

J3NG said...

OMG is the tatoo reall?