18 February 2009

Presentation Day.

had to do a presentation for English for College Studies classes today. dr V gave us the topic a few weeks ago ("Music Makes The World Go Round") and today was the deadline.

okay lah i'm so lazy today. will just let the pics do the talking for me.

rebekah and i were at the library earlier this morning, prepping up.

presentation time! our group.  : )

kak syaz and her Nikkon D60.

dr. V, paying the utmost attention.

caught backside doing something else. pay attention lah. XP

lin from myanmar! and petite little nadirah. : )

amber's group!! here's jer renn as a hobo and jun-elle + raihanna as directors.

our all-famous backside - AMBERRRRRRR.

haha jer renn! : D

jun-elle, amber and kak syaz, evaluating jer renn the hobo musician. hehehe.

the class, enjoying the show. : )

simitha, kak syaz, amber, jer renn, jun-elle and anna - awaiting dr. V's comments and evaluation.

then it was sheena's group's turn!!

the phillers and his guitar.

the cherry poppers group! (lol).
l-r: zanardy, evonne, neeshan, sheena and omer.

evonne and omer doing the presentation...

...as phillers jam on his guitar. nice riffs. ; D

had a break around 11am-ish. had to attend a lecture afterwards at 12pm.

da jie and her favourite unisex toilet. hahha!

stupid Yosva went and stepped on my NEW converse shoes on PURPOSE WTF i wanted to so kill him!!

da jie and sim's guitar.

kak syaz! the cutie. ; D

backside and sim's guitar. i like it how she plays "She Will Be Loved". : )

the all-mighty SIMson sim! : ) she's an awesome person and i've always looked up to her in a sense. : )

winnie the pooh presenting his speech. next to him is the petite and feisty joey yap. ; D

joey's turn to present. EVOLUTION OF MUSIC BABY!

then there was yosva's group!
l-r: yosva, lin, nadirah and mark. : )

i really enjoyed today's presentation. although our group didn't RAWK THE AUDIENCE as much as the rest did, but i was pretty happy that we did something that was plausible. (lol)

i liked the presentation made by amber and the group. loved the cherry popper's video even more.

but overall i thought today was rather awesome.

as much as i hate saying this - i can't wait for more. : )

3 spilled milk:

CharT said...


WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE!?!?!? *dies of curiousity*

Michellious said...

Unisex = for all genders.

which basically means BOTH BOYS AND GIRLS ALSO CAN USE LAH.

it just looks like any other toilet love. XD

CharT said...

but how!!!

Without the urinals? How can two sexes use same toilet!