11 February 2009

Just snippets. : )

things are getting more and more random everyday in my life. i'm still working out the whole bunch of emotions and feelings that i keep getting from life but i'm still trying to cope as much as i can.

: )

ms t gave our class a gigantic fright the other day in class with her stunt. we were asking her so many questions all at once regarding our class group project and after a few minutes (i suppose that ms t found it too much to bear) she fainted on the floor straight away.


lol. sometimes she can be so dramatic. XD one person even screamed OMG SHIIIITTTT!!!! but i just found it funny. hehehe.

found out that i got 46/50 for my english mid-terms! i'm quite satisfied with it...

... until i found out that i failed argumentative essay.

sigh. what to do.

due to some emotional overdrive, i tried playing pool today with my friends. had a two-hour lunch break so we broke off after the first half and hour of eating and it was straight on for pool.

we had three rounds this time.

and althea and i won all of them. : ) beginners luck, eh?

my emotional pain hasn't worn off but at least i feel better about getting the three rounds right. thanks rebekah for teaching me how to play pool in the first place. : ) you're the best 大姐 ever.

had a speaking-discussion project today and dr. V said we could choose anything to talk about as long as it's gender-related.

noticed that most of the students chose to write about bisexuals, metrosexuals, transexuals and homosexuals.

it was quite and interesting topic and everyone came up with quite plausible facts and everything.

although i have to say that *MAYBE* i've been a little bit too active in the discussions. i usually don't say anything during talk-presentations but today i kept interrupting some of the groups when they were presenting about it in front.

s: there are a few gay movies nowadays like Loving Annabelle...

m: *tries to whisper to althea but was too loud* OMG THAT ONE'S GOOD!

hehe. oh oh oh and there was...

S: people nowadays are becoming more and more accepting towards gay people, for instance like in the United States...

m: *interrupts* AHAKS! not really. only in SOME PARTS of the US accept gay people.

s: ah. okay. some parts of US...

m: *interrupts AGAIN* AH AH AH AH AH! don't forget canada! : )

s: .....

hehehe. well i can't help it. i tend to get really active when this topic comes up. XP

finals are in less than a week. and there are four group projects that we have to finish within the week. i am going to be REALLY busy these few days. like ZOMG why why WHY does it have to be project week. T_____________________T

okay gtg now. having dinner with housemates. bai bai!!

(nah charlene ting. i update for you. now be satisfied. XD)


valentine's here.

so could you at least stop breaking my heart?

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tarotism said...

Hey! I like that discussion session you guys had. heheeeee :)

CharT said...

I'm feeling more satisfied than a constipated person who just heard a "duuump" in his toilet bowl.