13 February 2009

iLab, friends and cupcakes. : )

don't usually have classes on fridays but caryn, jasmeen, suemae and i went because we needed to finish up our "music makes the world go round" assignment for our English For College Studies class.

had bunches of fun at the iLab. ; D

caryn and jasmeen, using the Mac at the iLab. : D

then amber appeared! : D

and jerr renn too. : )

it was a coincidence, i SWEAR!
as soon as she came into the Lab, both of us paused and looked at each other for a second and as soon as we realised both of us were wearing shirts with a peace sign on it, we SQUEALED like mad. : D

check out who amber's checking out. XD

meen meen, giving me the skeptical face....

then the *sexy* face...

and last but not least: the emo face. XD

caught ms natasha at the iLab chatting up a storm with the clerk. caryn and jasmeen talked to her to no end while i just smiled like an idiot - AGAIN. XD well at least she talked to me a bit. : ) ended the meeting around 10.30am-ish. headed down to the stalls for some chomp-chomp. : )

caught sheena, evonne, neeshan, omer and phil near the area.

and evonne touched my right cheek when i greeted her earlier. *eyes very wide*

suemae, meen and me.

the hospitality students were doing some indian theme thing for their lunch class. haha we damn narcissistic, must take picture summore. XD

some of the senior mass comm students were at the courtyard, selling valentine's roses and cupcakes in front of the annexe...

so michellious bought some for her housemates lo.

to aud, mei, tasha and vonny. : )

happy *early* valentine's everyone. ; D

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CharT said...

Ooooh i like the emo face hahaha!

I had no classes in the morning today too. ^^

Like your peace sign tees!!!