26 February 2009

Human Comm Sketch Project.

finally my internet connection's working properly. *phew*

okay, so as promised, human comm sketch post!


this could be said as our last project / presentation for our human comm class. miss t assigned us a sketch to do a few weeks earlier. had to include the topics we've learned into the short play.

our group was first to present. i can't remember being so nervous before a play besides going for the drama competitions. but all of us had fun nonetheless.

my group. consisting of:






betcha you're wondering where i am eh? hehe. well i did the part as the NERD STUDENT but i ain't gonna put upclose-and-personal picture here. i still have a reputation to protect. XP

before the play: random coursemate pictures.

meen meen and kak syaz. really love this picture. : )

mark-boy and anna-girl.

simmy reading a coelho. : ) i noticed a bunch of my classmates who reads coelho. makes me feel like i fit right in. : )))

during the play:

gangsta sista and bimbo, coming in with their NIKE - DO IT, JUST and GUESS "plastic bags". hahahaha. XP

bimbo, proving that miss loi can't do additional maths. *snicker*

stereotyping! : D

our group, after the play.

people somehow enjoyed the performance. miss t too. : ) even if i totally humiliated myself in front of the whole class with my nerdy act, i loved it anyway. ^_^

juann with my teacher's apple (which she proceeded to devour soon after. hehehe) : )

other pics of sketches from other groups:

our class theorista and his formal presentation. XP

berrrr and happy meen meen, enjoying the show.

during the short break,

i lifted a tiny gangsta. XD

then it was kak syaz's group performance. their sketch of the super heroes is totally hilarious! anna girl and mark boy were tha shiznit. XD

kak syaz: "can i touch you?" hahhahaha.

kak syaz is so kiut in here. ^_^

joshua's group performance.

haha joshua and his group did a hilarious performance too. we totally fell off our chair laughing at him imitating mr. edward, our IT lecturer. XD even though their play was a rather simple one, it made everyone cheer and laugh like mad. : )

then it was jun-elle's group performance, which was just as funny because all the guys in the play acted as girls and it was XDDDDDDDDDD all the way. hahaha.

phillers as "elle-Jun"'s girlfriend. XD

Jun-elle as "elle-Jun", hitting on wei-WERN. hahaha


really had a blast that day. wish we had more sketches as assignments. ^_^

sunway pyramid update coming soon. ; )

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CharT said...


And that nerd look was so totally Sarah-June. XD (where's that funny picture of her again?)

I wish I could've seen the performances! =)