28 February 2009

Hum-de-Dum Orientation Night @ College.

orientation dinner night at college was... bland.

lol it was kindda disappointing since we were all expecting a blast. it wasn't as fun as we thought it'd be (i.e AWESOME MUSIC GREAT FOOD AND JAMMIN' ATMOSPHERE), but the rest of us had bits of fun nonetheless.



the pre-party preparations.

bekah 大姐, camwhoring in the process of dressing up.

thea, straightening parts of my hair so that i won't fly everywhere like before.

thanks tasha for lending me your hair-straightener! ; D

thea and lala, adding the last touch-ups.

thanks to thea and la, for this look. XP

i swear i've never seen myself look so girly in my life. ^_^ yay! *basking in bimbotic-ness.

group photo! : D
l-r: thea, rebekah, michellious and dix-chix.

sigh. sometimes she just surprises us in the oddest of ways. lol but we still love her. *hugs thea

hugs much! : D

@ the venue, michellious with backside amberrrrr.

just in case you were wondering why amber's dressed so casually, it's coz our dress code for the night WAS indeed "CASUAL". the theme was even "SIMPLICITY". but being the nuisance that we are, we decided to dress up just for fun.

felt a little out of place at first but there were some people who came in dressed like they're going for some royal ball so we felt better after that. XP

bekah and omer, our class rep. : )

juann and omer! : D

thea, berrrrr and bekah; all awaiting the minute before the party starts.

caught miss t at the event! tagged: queen t and yours truly.

imma miss queen t and her lectures. : ' (

a few more minutes to go till the actual party.

us! : D

the party was started a while after. had some prize-giving ceremony for the football competition between the different schools that was held that same day. SABD (School of Architecture and Building Design) were the champions, fyi. : )

and the party... well let's just say that it was kindda COLD in the beginning. there were too many people squeezing to get the food that my friends and i couldn't even get some proper food! it was kindda frustrating...

so we all headed down to 7-11 to have instant cup-noodles instead. XP

hanging outside 7-11.
l-r: sheena, evonne, meen meen, omer, caryn, thea and amber.

an upset amber who came to a party in search of free food, only to end up eating instant noodles instead.

makan-ing instant noodles! : )

finally got a picture taken with sheena! ^_^
l-r: sheena, me, thea and bekah.

michellious and her cup noodle.

finishing up our "dinner". XD

chillin' at the 7-11.

heading back to the partay!
l-r: caryn babe, meen meen, zanardy, omer, evonne, me and sheena!

back at the party:

caryn got hauled up by the host to participate in a game... with a korean boy. XP

happee caryn and korean boy. : )

and a tiring game it was... XO


caryn had fun anyways. XP

and due to our supportive SCREAMING, caryn's team won the game. XP

after the game ended, we were going to head down to the mamak area to sit and rest for a while...

... only to hear a SPLASH soon after and saw caryn in the small pool area, all wet and soaking.

haha yeah long story. we were really shocked and thought someone accidently pushed her down there, but caryn explained that she herself accidently fell in.


she's got a few scratches on her knees and legs, but was alright altogether. still in one piece.

and she still wanted to proceed with their plans to go clubbing after the party. XD

us, drying caryn's things at the air-cond ventilator near the campus. XDD
hello happy crazee kak syaz! XP

in the process of drying. haha! XP

us and the girl who fell into the pool. *hugs caryn


i went back a few minutes after that, since althea wanted to get her things at my place. the others were hitting the clubs soon so i cabut lo.

the orientation dinner wasn't as AWESOME as we thought it was, but everyone had a few laughs here and there.

imma miss our first semester. can't wait to see you guys in our second semester loves! *hugs

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tiff pan said...

dannnng michelle.you guys really dressed up for your orientation dinner.: ) you look so purty!!! that is definitely the most girly i've ever seen you.miss you dearie: (

CharT said...


My mamie looks HAWT!

TseYui said...

omg. you look like a girl. HAHAHAHA