21 February 2009


things have been rather hectic recently.

been out the whole day with friends yesterday.

was a friday and as usual i had no classes. but my group and i hung out at the library and classrooms to finish up our human comm sketch assignment. went for lunch with the group at the mamak's again and continued our assignment after that until 3pm.

backside amber brought all of us to the subang area after that. took the ktm and went to get the so-called famous bubble milk tea and headed down to asia cafe for rounds of pool. had loads of fun.

thanks amber for bringing us there!!! ^_^ and thank you too thea, bekah, dix, caryn and meen meen for a blast. ; D

went home around 5-ish. took a few hours of rest for a while...

... and headed down to taylor's around 7.30pm for another round of pool.

lol yes i know i'm pooling too much.

was having a rest after pool around 11-ish outside the student services area where there were seats, and out of the blue i caught someone really familiar walking towards our direction...

... and it was my ex-air hostess coursemate neeshan! : ) got the honour of meeting her boyfriend too. ^_^ i hope you're feeling better neeshan. *hugs*

woke up around 9am ish today. dearest zin zin came over to visit for a while. brought her around our place and taylor's and sunway.


thanks for dropping by. : ) wish you could meet the bunch of friends i met here in taylor's but i guess maybe next time lah. can't wait to see you here in march again! ^_^ by then i think you'll be able to meet my friends. I'M STILL UP FOR A POOL GAME!!!! XD

michellious is also very sick. very very ill. can't speak properly at all. : ( i sound like a croaking frog. eek. : (

okay i am staying in for tomorrow. chicken soup, anyone? me need loads.

[climbs into bed]

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