04 February 2009

"Free Day".

Michellious had two free meals in a day – for both lunch and dinner. : )
So who’s the generous bum that initiated this affair?

Hehe well those two are none other than my dear friend and housemate Natasha (for lunch) and my cousin Ryan (for dinner).

The hospitality and tourism students usually have cooking and serving classes, so they are allowed to invite four guests for the classes. For her lunch class, NatNat invited both me and Lala, and she also told us to bring a guest each so we brought over Althea (mine) and Suji (Lala’s KOREAN friend. : D)

Althea calls this whole lunch thing being the guinea pigs for their classes. Hehehe.

I didn’t bring my second boipren for the photoshoot in the afternoon during lunch because it was too big and bulky; but I wouldn’t miss it for the world during the dinner affair! : )

the menu.

It’s really cute that they have this handmade menu for us guests. Pretty pretty sprinkled glitter – WHEE. : D


the meals for the day.

They even served soft buns as starters too. : D

dix chix, behind flowers. : )

there’s Lala Bear,

Dixie chick,

and Natasha P. ^^

Then we had our appetizer – “Shrimp Cocktail”.


The freshly made shrimp cocktail sauce was delightful. : ) kudos for the students! Awesome presentation too. Hehe.

Then for the main course, we had beef goulash.

bon apetit!

Okay quite frankly the meat was overcooked so we didn’t enjoy it that much, but it was okay for starters. : ) it made me miss Miss Tiong’s homemade beef goulash more. I bet sarah can pull of a better one IF SHE’D ONLY COME AND STUDY HERE WITH USSSSS.

cousin Ryan.

Our dessert was Peach Flambé, and ryan was going to present a live presentation for us.

torching it up.

the outcome.

It was quite nice actually. The touch of brandy and the hint of orange sauce really brought out the sweetness of both the peach and the sugar. A little too sugary for me but it was nice nonetheless.

Dixie chick was almost tempted to lick her plate clean of the sauce. Haha!

us @ santa Inez after dinner.

We had a really great time laughing about silly things and communicating, I really wish there were more chances like these where we could get together and hang out. : D

Haha now I wish I had more Hospitality and Hotel Management friends. MORE FREE FOOD FOR ME PWEASE! Hehehe. XD

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