07 February 2009

A day at the Jagung.


i don't usually have classes on fridays, so Lala invited me over to The Jagung (KLCC) to accompany her for her Design Communications class assignment.

and along tagged Sean and Jermeine (I DON'T KNOW HOW TO SPELL HER NAME!! do excuse me)

left around 12pm and took the KTM to the LRT then it was straight on till The Jagung.

sean and Lala.


arriving at KLCC!

when i first stepped outside to their big garden thing, in my mind i was thinking: wow. after 5 long years, i'm finally back here beneath this gargantuan structure once again.

berkacau-kacau-ing when Lala was doing all her photo-taking.

but after a while we finished so we went on taking pictures! : D

the girls.
l-r: Lala, sumposer, Jermeine.


this be sean. sean be from kuching sarawak. sean funny. : )


a very weird looking sean.

ber-happy sendiri.

sometimes i wonder what this guy is made up of. XD

the architecture students. : )

the girls again. ^^

a very gay looking sean, posing with flowers.

senget tree.

haha this tree was somewhere near the building when we went back. sean claimed that some fat guy was trying to jump off it to commit suicide so that was what happened. XD

oooh and guess who i saw sitting at the steps of the area facing the pool??


ms natasha. : )

i've always thought that ms nat is the most awesomest lecturer EVER. cool to the max she is. i was actually quite surprised to see her there sitting alone, reading a magazine in her lap, situated quietly at the corner. i bumped into her earlier in school that same day too so it was really astonishing to see her sitting there at KLCC.

she looked at me and saw me smiling really widely at her. i must've looked like an idiot. lol. maybe she couldn't remember me from earlier that day in school but i smiled at her anyways.

[end of KLCC trip]

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CharT said...

She might sue you for curi curi take her photo liddat. hahahaa.

She looks cool.