01 February 2009

Apartment - updated. : )

you have no idea how LOOOOOOONNNNGGGGG i've waited to do this post.

and now, michellious has done it. : D


okay maybe there's nothing interesting about my apartment, but i'm doing this for my friends back at home (and to those who are too bored online and need at least any form of entertainment, i.e. reading this blog. hehehe)

so here goes: apartment peekchures. : )


as you alight at the topmost floor of our tower and arrive at our unit, the first thing you see when you open the front door is:

the shoerack.

yes sir-ry, ladies and gents. what is a female unit without shoes? i dare not imagine. shoes and heels and pumps and sneakers and what-nots are one of the many things that women cannot live without...

see those couple of shoes that are circled in the picture?

see it?

yeah, those four pair of shoes.


those are the only pairs that LaLa and i own. the rest belong to the other 4 of our house mates.

it's amazing how women can buy SO MANY SHOES. O_O it makes me and LaLa question our gender sometimes.

proceeding just a few steps from the entrance, you can see this:

the living room / sitting room.

situated here, as you can see, is a huge comfy sofa (yes it is very comfy fyi), two stacks of magazines for your viewing please, a mini coffee table and a rather humongous television set; all of which are shared among the 6 girls in this unit...

... not that anyone actually COMES here.

bloddy tv doesn't even WORK. =____=

moving on!! i give you:

the dining room.

placed right next to the living room, the dining room windows overlook the whole of sunway pyramid (it's an awesome sight at night and i swear the night scenery is to DIE for) and allows a comfortable place to relax and read a book or two while waiting for the laundry to be done in the other room.

the kitchen's right beside the dining room, connecting to the laundry room at the back. equipped with a refrigerator and freezer, a running water system and gas, students can cook whenever they feel hungry.

this section on the racks belong to Lala and me.


the stairs would proceed to four other rooms and the bathroom.

first, the bathroom!!!

the one room we all can't live without. period.

can you imagine living without a bathroom?

i know I can't.

here you can see our tiny yet well-equipped bathroom, with running hot water system summore! : ) it's really not bad for an apartment already, so we're pretty satisfied with it.

(although i have to say that i still prefer charry's. I WANT CLEAN PRETTY WHITE BATHROOM!!!!1111)

it's actually not very hard to actually keep this place clean, and we do try our best. sometimes Lala and i find it hard to cope because the rest of them has got the longest of hair so sometimes... well there's just a lot of HAIR.

but we cope. we cope.

toothbrushies, lined like good little soldiers. mine's the one with the ladybug holder (GRISELDA KAN JIA YIK!!!) and Lala's the purple bear holder beside mine. : )

at the landing.

l-r: mei, vonny, Lala and me.

as you can see, our rooms are tightly placed together.

sometimes we could practically hear what the person in the other room are saying and doing but Lala and i refrain from being eavesdroppers and we stick to our own kahunas.

... kahunas wtf.

but most of the time i guess all of us are too engrossed with our own stuff (i.e. SURFING THE INTERNET NON-STOP) that we don't really realise what others are doing in their rooms. hehehe.

the lair of the two little piggies.

and finally - OUR ROOM. : )

my study table.

i'm quite happy with my study spot. i realised that i had a lot of colourful things that actually make my table look brighter and happier. it's not usually this tidy but you know for the sake of my blog hehehehehe). it's so bright that sometimes it makes me feel warm whenever i see it. : )

and Lala's spot is right next to mine.

the beds.

Lala's bed is the one with a teddy and a mickey mouse on it as mine's the one with four blankets stacked at the foot of the bed.


i said FOUR blankets. hehe.

the spot where i keep some of my books and my toiletries.

and our most prized possession in the whole room:


sometimes we just can't help but keep some of our food to ourselves so we stack them here.

cabinet on the left:

topmost space - canned food, spaghetti, instant noodles
second space - milo, nescafe, oatmeal, lipton tea
third space - jacobs wholemeal biscuits, corneo corn biscuits, crackers
fourth space - extra mops and whatnots.

cabinet on the right:

topmost space - chinese new year goodies and biscuits
second space - tissues, smaller plastic bags, medicine
third space - ( empty )


yearp. so i guess that's about it for my apartment intro.

okay hungry now. i shall go cook myself something. : ) then it's BACK to my IT studies.

mid terms tomorrow mid terms tomorrow mid terms tomorrow mid terms tomorrow omggggg and i am still here blogging wtf.



4 spilled milk:

Leonard said...

I wan that IKEA magazine !!!

CharT said...

Yay! I see mamie's pad now! =D

I prefer your kitchen though. I have to share mine with 10-15 students wtf. And got people steal food one!!!

4 blankets - are you that cold?

Derek said...

Nice apartment! hehe... I wish i had that a big a space! haha... I so want your gas stove! hehe... It's so much easier to use than a electric one. It's so slow... :p

Anyways, nice crib~~ hehe... have fun and take care! Good luck for mid terms! :D Oh, why do you need four blankets in Malaysia? hehe...

Ning said...

NOT BAD AT ALL, enjoy wo! My 1st year hostel like crap, 2nd year rented room like shit, 3rd year paradise, haha.