06 February 2009

Another typical day - with Pool. : )

another new day, another day at college.

so what DOES michellious and her bunch of crazy newly-made friends do on a typical college day like this?

two words: camwhore, and POOL.

: )

i really am starting to get to like pool. although i'm no star player but it makes me feel really good when the ball falls right into the hole whenever i shoot. : )

so here goes: michellious' typical day in school and pool. ^^


haha okay okay his name isn't exactly winnie but we call him that because somehow, in one way or another, he would always remind us of winnie the pooh. this dude right here be Wei Wen. : )

jasmeen and wen.

suemae is a happy eater.

juann n thea during lunch.

dix chix and thea @ the student services centre.

we be fashion coordinated!!

juann and i got these at IZO for RM40 @ 2 pieces. i am so in love with this shirt. : )

them, and yosva the ghost head *points at back*

me, jasmeen & thea.

dix chix.

dixie is one of the first people i've met during my first day in college. thanks to miss michy, i met a new butt-ie. : D

althea loi.

and this be althea loi, one of the closer people to me in college. she's an awesome lot of fun to be with. i remember staying back in school with her until her mum came to pick her up. we talked over that hour at the library and laughing about life. it was fun. : )

jerr renn.

this be jer renn. he be a nice and shy boy in class. a good target for a tease for caryn and jasmeen. : )

amber "backside-bucket" khoo and dix.

this be amber. amber is pretty - only when she doesn't start laughing. XD i swear, this girl damn surprised me when i first saw her laughing. it was like a totally different person from the one who gave me a first impression. haha... but we like her nonetheless.

and her nicknames "backside" and "bucket" are a longer story. XD



the first thing that pops into my head whenever i see this girl is FOOD. jasmeen and her come in a package. if both of them don't get their daily dose of tit-bits and what-nots, they be angry ladies. XD


jasmeen damn funny. that's all i can say. XD

amber: *BITES*
thea: *CRIES*

the usual group.
l-r: JR, kak syaza, amber, juann, michellious, dix, yosva, caryn and jasmeen.

camwhore in elevator summore wtf.

a happy kak syaza.

i like kak syaz. she be cool lady. : ) very suave. ^^

hahahahaha look at jasmeen's face! XD

and then, after classes, it was POOL TIME. : )

dix chix on pool.

happy jasmeen on pool.

she's just like that in real life too - a little cuckoo in the head but fun nonetheless. XD

kak syaz. damn good player. my master for that day's game.

winnie and his weird pool-striking gay pose. : )

: )

thea's turn... (?)

backside damn concentrate when she plays, and she's REALLY good at it. terror at it's best. XD

bekah da jie, my first and foremost shi fu. she's really good, even though she chooses not to admit it. : ) *kowtows*

winnie acting cute pulak.

kak syaz. : D

thea and moi.

suemae, thea and juann.

i would say that amber's the main person in this photo... but check out dix at the back!! XD

winnie's aim shoot.

happy syaz and two idiots at the back.

can fly summore her ball. XD

it was jasmeen's first at playing the game - AND SHE WON.

her winning conversation went like this:

jasmeen: *gets 8 ball into hole* *gasps* OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMGGGGG!!!!!

amber: owh WOW you won!

jasmeen: *squeals* SAY IT AGAIN SAY IT AGAIN I WANNA HEAR IT!!!!



kacau kacau saja that thea.

after getting home i was still thinking about my game...

and who knew that after dinner today, hommie Natasha invited me to a game.

how could i say no to THAT eh? : )

headed down to campus at about 8-ish at night. it was damn crowded but we're lucky enough to get the last table. : )

NatNat! ^^

trying to get my 13th.

memang suka batangnya ni. XD

at first i thought she'd beat me silly, but it turned out that both of us aren't as good as we thought. XD but it was fun to play nonetheless.

owh and i found out that TUESDAYS AND THURSDAY NIGHTS ARE LADIES NIGHTS FOR POOL!!!! 50% off!!!! : D

anyone up for a game? i know rebekah is. ; P

imma make that pool place in school my second home. XD

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CharT said...

Nice shirts. =)

I... kinda envy how un-cold it is there, but I don't want the sweat and sticky feeling so...

argh I'm so conflicted!