28 January 2009

Waiting for the rain to wash it away.

image source:davefontaine.com

it's been days since there had been a decent nice downpour here in the big city.

the screen lights up that small corner of the room as i dim down the lights; rachael yamagata croons "be be your love" into my ears and merges her velvety voice with the pitter-patter of the soft rain against the windows of the room.

sometimes, things only serve as a happenstance, even though we always try to believe that it's arranged for us that way.

have you ever thought about how other people are always luckier than you are?

like when you look at somebody else in a photo and you think to yourself: "why can't i be as pretty as she is?" or "why can't i have everything that she has?"

it's times like these that cause me to ponder about life the most.



















the rain always has its ways with me.




好矛盾噢,羽 (雨)。

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Sphinx said...

it always seems as if others always hav better lives than us. but a touching anime once taught me, we have our charm, the best of us, our specialty, our brand, our unique-ness, everything that makes you you, right at the center of our back. tats why it is always us who admire others, n not us admiring ourselves, being not able to set our eyes on it ourselves. u hav others looking at that spot right at ur back n thinking the same thoughts tat cross ur mind when u see others. me, for an instance. =) u'r a wonderful person, a special friend, a unique being on earth n i'm glad i met u. i'm lucky to have u as a friend. i dont admire other ppl for having their friends coz i'm lucky to hav u as mine.

miss u grimm! stay positive! tats wat u always tell me. heh. sry wont be able to go out with u, not enuf time. thr's still ages with us being so close tgt tho. miss u! =)

tiff pan said...


i especially like how you signed your post with our last character (or your former character) in parallel to the character for "rain." BEAUTIFUL.: )

haha i wonder if you have the "beautiful" poem with you. comparisons will always be around. looking at other people's pictures used to depress me (literally) so i eventually stopped looking at them. but i had to come to terms with myself because my curiosity always got the better of me. now i look at them but without drawing parallels or comparisons. they're just pictures of people, telling me what they've been doing with their lives. i look at them and i go back to my own life. there's always going to be something you are lacking in, that others may be blatantly showing off. it's okay. they have the responsibility of holding onto that talent/appearance/whatever it is. and you have your own to (with what God has given specifically to you). so even though it may not seem nearly like a fair game at all, it's alright. it evens out EVENTUALLY in the weirdest ways. you just have to trust that it does. you are loved the way you are ALREADY.