23 January 2009

Random pictures by Rebekah.

i'm still counting down the days when i am reunited with my baby boyfriend number 2 (my beloved baby camera).

but till then,

these are the only pictures of college i could give ya'll.

pictures courtesy of rebekah's phone camera. : ) thanks 大姐!

this *shy* person is althea. and beside her sits the most annoying octopus who is on steroids. hehehe.

the so-called octopus on steroids.

l-r: the madness suemae, rebekah “大姐”, the octopus on steroids and juann the jolly-bee.
(behind suemae is philip rom who's also from sarawak and the girl in grey beside him and also behind rebekah is the infamous caryn who loves food like no other.)

i wish i had more photos of the others to show you guys, but this is all i have at the moment.

but i promise that as soon as my baby boyfriend number 2 arrives, there wouldn't be enough space for our faces here.

hehehe. ; )

oookay now back to my movie review.

1 spilled milk:

the quarantined monkey said...

hahaha philip is a good friend of joy's, did you know that?

what a small world!