03 January 2009

Quickie, from my room.

it's currently my second night here in the big city.

is odd and unfamiliar.

and i feel the most intense homesick-ness ever.

i mean, my mum's still going to be around until the end of next week! and i'm STILL homesick.

i seriously can't imagine how it'd be like after she leaves.

: (

so far the apartment's tolerable...

... only during the day.

at night, the place's bloody scary and i feel like crying everytime. (>_<)

michellious has yet to meet 3 other housemates. so far i have only met one.

city's alright. but i wish the people here were more friendly.

finally i could say that i've been to all those fancy branded stores and stuff...

... but the women who shop there and the clothes make me feel extra self-conscious.

someone please tell me mass comm students in taylors aren't as bad as how the people here say they are, because if so - i won't find no friends here. : (

so i guess so far, michellious is TRYING to fit in and adapt.

orientation's on monday.

and i only have less than a day's time to convince myself that it isn't as bad as it already is...

will update soon. hopefully my next update would be about something better than what i've been through.

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tiff pan said...

ahhh it pains me to see you start off on such a bleak note. right now i'm currently trying to control my emotions from leaving home the second time.my homesickness definitely grew starting from the 3rd month and onward because the newness of life there wore off and reality set in. problems started arising with my friendships and everyday responsibilities were just wearing me down. it hasn't begun yet. don't put so much pressure on yourself on finding the "right" friends and fitting in. i trust that God will lead you to them (and bring them to you!). it will happen. don't worry. but i must tell you one thing - even though friendships occur naturally, and maybe you're used to many things occurring naturally (it's just simpler in high school), being at a university really calls you to seek opportunities, to be proactive. you really have to take the initiative a lot of the times. i have faith that you will do well in college. don't lose hope.it has only begun.

Ning said...

It should get better once the orientation started, when u meet more friends. There will be annoying people around for sure, but there will also be gems like you among them.

The first few months will be tough, but after a while you will get used to it and after traveling a few times, you will be totally fine.

Don't forget, all of us are just a mouse button away, you are not alone, never.

Hugs & kisses!

b~is me. said...

Things will get better (: Just don't stress too much.

TseYui said...

mass comm students in taylors aren't as bad as how the people here say they are. =)

CharT said...

It's my 2nd day alone as well! And you have Shella to keep you company. The first day was so bad. I moved in and when the door shut the silence was deafening and I felt so lonely lonely lonely and actually broke down and what the heck cry cos no one can see me. hahhaaa. You do the same instead of bottling it all up. You'll get old faster if you suppress those emo moments. =P

J3NG said...

take care ya
that what i can say
and jy jy