01 January 2009

Off I go!

boarding the plane to kay-elle soon.

imma miss home. : (

no posts till i find myself an internet line somewhere.

and my camera would be at home, so do forgive me if i post lousy pictures. XO


till then,

i'll see you guys soon. : )

2 spilled milk:

tiff pan said...

i wish.i could go visit you sometime.i heard that my goo goo and the rest of her family aren't going to malaysia this year. hearing my parents talk about their chinese new year's plans just makes me sad. i can't believe i'm not going to be spending chinese new year's in asia this year. there are so many things i have to let go.sometimes, i do have doubts if going so far is worth the trip. this is a long journey. but i believe that God will hold me fast. and He will also hold you in His arms. so do not worry about a thing. tell me when you get my package. i should have sent it to your new address in KL (haha you have to give it to me first though). but yeah, hopefully you'll be able to get it when you go home. i got your bookmark: ) thanks a lot.i will use it. i'm currently using the one you made me (" a friend loves at all times").

Anonymous said...

What D: You're leaving me?
Look foward to your return (: