16 January 2009

Musically Speaking - Jan 16, 2009

"If the hawks in the trees need the dead,
If you're living you don't stand a chance.
For a time, though you share the same bed,
There are only two ends to this dance."

- Elephants by Rachael Yamagata.

it's been two weeks here already and i'm still feeling like a bunch of mess due to my homesickness.

this is so pathetic. : (

i'm beginning to dislike my fridays and weekends now. they make me wonder what i should do in my apartment. my very very boring apartment. going out seems like a good idea... if i weren't living in a place where i'm constantly reminded of the dangers of theives and pick-pockets.

i'm suppose to enjoy life in college, not friggin SUFFOCATE in it. O_O

thanks tiff, for calling me on my phone using your skype credit. talking to you makes me feel a little less tense. now i understand how big a deal homesickness was for you when you went off to michigan. [ huggles ]

officially 8 more weeks to go before i pack up for home. mum's constantly nagging on me to not think about it, but how could i not when i miss her everyday?

omg i'm running out of cereal. food please.

1 spilled milk:

tiff pan said...

ahahha i love the last line of your blog post. cereal and granola bars are key foods in college. light hakka tea is also on my list of closet food.that's where i store all my food (for breakfast and late-night snacks). yep. MLK weekend here. i have no idea what to do either besides homework. both of my close friends are gone for the weekend: |. i should have went on the retreat or ski trip or something to get off the campus but i decided to stay and chill because it's about to get hectic. plus, it's so cold.it makes me want to sleep and stay indoors. this is how people gain weight in college (at least in america). ah. i should exercise. it's been a long time since i've done anything more than walk (except that i did run to the restaurant today because i was late for my dinner date haha.with my small group leader la.not a guy haha). still figuring out life.