27 January 2009


owh yes, what better to do than promote one of your favourite singer's EP when it comes out?

: )

jen chung, the one and only. : )

i knew of this startling talent through one of my good butt-ies the quarantined monkey Michelle Hee. i've always prided myself in knowing all these awesome friends with the greatest tastes in Music. : ) and i have to say that by knowing these people, i have access to the best music around.

jen chung, currently around 20 years of age, is Korean with the most amazing smile around. and when she starts singing, it blows you away. : )

jen's cover of "New Soul" by Yael Naim

this was the first song i watched from jen and what caught my attention about this video wasn't only because of jen's singing but also how she enjoyed the music so much when she was singing it.

and to me that's what music is all about - having fun. : )

jennifer's single "Common, Sinmple, Beautiful".

another main reason why i love jen and her music is because she's so down to earth and her music is so easy for people to relate to. it's not everyday you find singers so down to earth and fun like jen. : )

her original song "common, simple, beautiful" is my favourite so far. the rhythm is so raw and beautiful and the lyrics speaks to you so tenderly that i can't help but fall in love with it really.

jen has just the most amazing way of capturing my heart.

jen, introducing her new EP

i really hope that someone will sign jen up really soon because she is just one of those talents that cannot be wasted.

check jennifer chung and her awesome music out at these websites:

Jennifer Chung on MySpace.com

Jennifer Chung on Facebook.com

keep up the good work jen chung. you've got so many fans all around the world and your music is so good, people would be crazy not to sign you up. : )


CAN SOMEONE PLEASE GET ME JEN'S EP PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE?!?! *cries* i would super love it if someone did.

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