13 January 2009

Human Comm Class. Student ID. Danny Boy!

miss t had us down in the room today and we watched a movie called "The Longshots".

we had to write a review based on the movie that was shown to us and we are required to apply the comm skills we aquired in class earlier into the review.

due date: after chinese new year.

met cai lin today during lunch.

cai lin: eh what you guys do for classes today ah?

us: we watched a movie today during human comm class owh.

cai lin: fwah~ it's like you guys paid 4000+ per sem just to watch movies during class man.

us: ....

putting it like that really makes us think twice about foundation. haha.

everytime i look at my student ID i want to run and scream and burn down the school for giving me a picture like that.

and the woman at the student services center said i'm stuck with that blardy picture for the next FOUR YEARS OF COLLEGE!!!!

and so i HAD to think of something to save me from the embarrassment...

i drew a picture of a yellow box and placed it in front of my picture.

like so.


I MET DANIEL AKA HAN THU AT COLLEGE TODAY!! he was just having lunch at the mamak stalls situated in the campus but turns out that he lives in my area too. : )

see me become a squealing bunch of craziness for my olaf. : DDD

4 spilled milk:

Anonymous said...

WHAT?! HAN THU IS IN TAYLOR? WAHH!! I haven have a chance to meet him!! Oh ya..I have a embarrassing ID photo too..=.= seriously, I support you to take photography club and save more freshman from taking this kind of awful photos. =D

Ning said...


Look at the bright side, maybe u can win some 'worst ID photo competation'. U have chance coz I am not there to compete.

Michellious said...

renee - haha no lah han thu not in taylors. he was just eating in taylor's food stalls there.

ning - XDDDD NOT HANTU LAH~ goh han thu, our senior from school. : ) haha and i so wish there's a WORST ID PHOTO competition. i'd win hands down lah wtf. XD

Anonymous said...

YEAH HANTU! hahaha..that is the nickname I gave him in secondary school. hahaha