09 January 2009


i could still feel the warmth of her touch on my left arm.

we slept in the darkness, our hands linked in a bond. engulfed in silence, we didn't have to speak to understand each other. i could feel her tears as she could mine.

i never knew it was that unbearable but i know this is what i will have to face from today onwards.

in a few hours time she would board the plane and i would not be able to touch her and feel her presence with me for a period of time. the time will come when one day i am able to be in her arms again but until then, Time will pass me by ever slowly, painfully.

i think of her and i cry.

i think of her laughter and i cry.

i think of her comforting hugs and i cry.

i think of her sacrifice for me for so many years and i cry.

i'm going to miss you. and i'm counting down the days until i can be in your arms again like how you once held me when i first opened my eyes. don't worry too much about me, as i was brought up under your care. i will learn how to be strong, as you have for me.

i love you mum.

very, very much.


9 spilled milk:

tarotism said...

Aww... your mum would be touched when she reads this.

Be strong, girl.

Ning said...

Ya, makes me wanna be your mom... Just joking maybe at wrong time but want you to smile.

Everything is gonna be alright darling. *Hugs*

You can do this I am sure! Wish I am there at least we can hang out...

above.the.sky said...

D: This nearly made me cry!

Renee said...

Aiyor Michelle..Sayang Sayang~ You'll be fine ^^ *hug hug*

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