27 January 2009

Happy Chinese "牛" Year, all the way from KayElle.

it's my first experience in spending chinese new year here in the big city.

somehow it feels very different.

there isn't any fireworks at 12am in the morning.

everyone only wakes up after 11am to prepare for chinese new year.

i can't see or hear any lion-dances here.

people in the big city only start going to family and friends' houses as late as 10pm at night to celebrate chinese new year.

it really is a far cry from my chinese new year days in miri.

and one of my new experiences?


there isn't any water supply here in serdang jaya.


no water.

no effin water.

the first day of chinese new year where people come and visit and eat a lot thus resulting in the loads of dishes in the sink...

and there isn't any water for us to clean them with.

a whole day of visiting and going around which resulted in gallons of sweating and the crazy amount of oil on my face...

and there isn't any water for us to clean ourselves with.



and i am also so very lucky to have my "aunt" come visit me too. friggin two weeks earlier what the efffffffffffffff!!!!1111


so yeah. happy chinese new year.

hope yours is better than mine. XD

3 spilled milk:

CharT said...

I had to go to class... so er... that sucked?

tiff pan said...

haha likewise to the above comment. it's still CNY over here but there's no indication of it whatsoever. at least you're still in the motherland.

there's a CNY dinner being served in the cafeteria tonight but it's a far cry from the real thing. what's chinese fruit cake? even if there is such a dish, do we normally eat that during CNY? i don't recall, really. fortune cookies are from japan. americans don't know that though.they naturally assume that since all the asian restaurants give fortune cookies after your meal that it's "chinese." haha yeah.still so much we need to clarify here in america.well, at least in michigan.

CharT said...

STFU to the noisy groups of people laughing and shouting in the kitchen. Why oh why is my room so close to these people? >< WTF go to sleep shut up shut up shut up...

Ooh Chinese Fruit Cake... do they have Chinese cheese cake too?