01 January 2009

Happy 2009 ya'll. : )

another year's past, and here comes a new one.

happy new year, everyone! may the best be with you throughout the things and understakings of life. : )

okay so here's the sitch: it's friggin 2.44am in the morning and i am DYING to get to bed because i have yet to double check my luggage to see if i've missed anything for my flight at 9-ish tonight. i planned on getting into detail but i'm too tired so here are just some peekchures for your viewing pleasure.

not that it's anything interesting but if you're too bored online and need some entertainment, we're just about the right set of goons for the job.


but basically my bunch of crazy friends and i hang out at marriott hotel, sipping tea and henessy at illy's (okay maybe not henessy heheh) and counting down the minutes.

and here's the snapple gang! (snapple's the only beverage worth paying for at marriott's illy's. did you know that they charge RM7 for a can of pepsi light? SEVEN BLOODY RINGGIT OKAY FTW?!)

prezzies! our presents! we had this idea about exchanging gifts before each and every one of us leaves so we all bought presents for each of us together!!

pretty silly thing for 18 year olds to do but heck at least we enjoy our youth while we can. : )

we didn't even realise it until the fireworks went off when midnight struck. but around 12 in the morning, we headed to the carpark and it was time...

for camwhoring!!!

to the carpark we go!

first decent group photo!

and then...

it got freakeh!

we attempted the jump!! : ) this has always been THE picture that i wanted to try taking.

... and eventually we had to try it lots of times. lol.

my monkey and me!

michellious, being bullied by the monkey one last time before i part.

Boys, will be Boys.
l-r:wei ming, dean, louis and gan. : )

thanks lala, dean, zin, grizzy, bellie, wei ming, louis and agan for spending the first few minutes of 2009 with me. : )

lots of love!


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tarotism said...

Che'lle, thanks a lot for updating in this late hour. Happy New Year 2009 and may angels be with youin KL. If miss me, we can use skype or msn okay? hheheee miss ya lots Che'lle!!