05 January 2009

First day of college.

“What? You can speak Mandarin? I thought you can’t! You sound so English!”

So far, that remark doesn’t seem to bother me in college. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s English-speaking people saying that to me instead of the usual Mandarin-speaking people I meet back at home.

Quite frankly (and I am quite amazed that I’m admitting this), my first day of college surprised me. There weren’t as many people as I imagined taking mass communication, and there were lesser people taking the foundation course as compared to the diploma course.

I’m quite satisfied with the thought that only a few people are taking the course with me, even though that meant higher competitiveness between the students. Met our course lecturers today too. I wouldn’t exactly say that I am I love with them (yet), but they do exert a certain air of greatness and there is this feeling about them which I can’t seem to put my fingers on but I suppose I’d have to wait and see.

One of the head lecturers of the mass communication department gave a speech today during the orientation and she asked us a very simple, yet thought-provoking question:

“What is your goal in life?”

I was among the ones who couldn’t exactly say I have a goal but I do have some in mind. Her question really made me reflect upon myself, both as a student and as a person. Balancing both my responsibilities and desires seem almost too impossible a job for me as I’ve never been able to do both at the same time properly.

But I’d have to take up the challenge, whether I like it or not.

Got my timetable today too. They say college has lesser classes - but I strongly disagree with that at some point. Classes from 8 in the morning till 6pm!!! IMAGINE THAT! And it'll take more than just book-reading for the most of it.


Met new people here too and honestly, it feels like Chung Hua all over again. The people taking the mass communication course remind me so much of the people back in high school, it’s... nostalgic. But at least I’m glad to say that I’ve met a few people in college whom I think I might get along great with.

Thanks Miss Michy, for telling me about Dixie! : )

Met the last of my housemates today too. Natasha seemed nicer somehow, even if Uncle James said she’s a bit on the quite side. She’s proving to be one of the nicest though.

Earlier on I had dinner with mum and a family of my parents’ friends. It was awesome. I haven’t felt like I’ve had a hearty family meal for days – VEGETARIAN summore.

Mum’s moving in again tomorrow night.


Well that about sums up my time today. It's not exactly an "OMG-THIS-IS-TOTALLY-BLARDY-AWESOME!!!!1111" kind of feeling, but it was definitely better than what I've expected.

More updates to come tomorrow! But for now, it's time to turn out the lights. : )

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