20 January 2009

Farewell, my pet!


i can't believe that you're actually leaving us already.

promise me that you'll take care of yourself over there, monkey? because i can't bear to lose one of my closest mates in the world. : )

remember to eat properly!

remember to skype me once in a while!

remember to clean your laundry everyday!

remember to take care of yourself!

remember to drink water everyday!

remember to clean yourself everyday!

remember to remember me!

: )

loads of kisses kisses,
michellious. : )

5 spilled milk:

above.the.sky said...

Such a cute photo (:

J3NG said...

where r monkey going?
we miss u ...><

tiff pan said...

we've all grown up. but it has only begun. where is your pet going???: )london?

Anonymous said...

T.T She didn't even call to say goodbye to me. I will miss her LOADS!

griz said...

HI GUYS..!! heheh dun worry..!! I'' clean myself daily!! As for laundry..herm..it's cold out thr..haha and i brought a lot of shirts here so wont stuck wif laundry..maybe once a week? But i will surely change my undergarment EVERYDAY!! HhH