13 January 2009


currently decaying and freezing to death in the IT Lab in college, stealing the internet line to blog because THE LINE BACK AT MY PLACE KEEPS DYING ON ME!!!

effin blargh. =_=

today is the fourth day of my college year. STILL homesick, nonetheless. trying to cope by hanging out with most of my classmates as much as possible.

bought my IT class textbook for RM60. it feels odd having swept off RM40 short of a hundred just like that for a textbook. i have yet to pay for 2 more english books. i can feel my wallet screaming.

had mamak with miss michy yesterday. bumped into her at college on my way to IT classes. was loving her outfit... and guess what? ALL FOR UNDER RM30 LIKE ZOMG. bazaar here i come! heh.

homesickness level most intense at night now. a loss of apetite is what i am suffering from as a side effect.

lala bear's officially going back for chinese new year. and i felt like T____________________________________________________________T when she told me the other day. not that i would lock myself in my room 24/7 for a week, but I AM FRIGGIN HOMESICK. TAKE ME HOME!!! and i don't care if you pack me inside a crate and ship me off to Miri.

and i miss home food. T_T

mid-terms in two weeks mid-terms in two weeks mid-terms in two weeks mid-terms in two weeks.

zomg. O_O

i have the suckiest internet connection ever. lala bear has totally zip problem with hers while mine keeps going off EVERY SINGLE TIME i go on skype and msn.

like ftw.

haiyo i am missing people. heartbreak. : ' (

i am living on cereal and biscuits and leftovers everyday. i think i *WOULD* probably lose a little weight even if i try not to.

it's 8.09am and we're STILL waiting on our lecturer.

i am dozing off. =_____________________= zZzZzZzZzZzZz

2 spilled milk:

Anonymous said...

I'm not going back for CNY. You can find me lar.. I can cook for u if u wan oh.. ^^ Just pay for the rice jiu okay le.. ^^

CharT said...

I can't go back for CNY even if I wanted to... =/

... until I graduate from uni...

Oh gawd. That's like 4/5 years of ang pau lost.

But also 4/5 kilos not gained. =P