21 January 2009

At times.

i like it when good things happen.

i like it when people smile at me.

i like it when the most unexpected happy things jump right in your embrace,
just like that.

i like being random.

i like sharing laughter with a group of friends.

i like being close to just that one person.

i like doing things for people and seeing them smile.

i like it when i know there's an extra sparkle in the way they look at me.

i like it when people actually care.

i like the way people laugh out loud. a big, hearty laughter.

i like listening to A Fine Frenzy and indulging in the night breeze that comes blowing from my window.

i like finding out new things that make me feel better.

i like realizing that there will always be someone out there, no matter where you are.

doesn't it make you wonder sometimes how life can be so unpredictable?

2 spilled milk:

Anonymous said...

yea..at least I know I still have Michelle when I'm hungry. =D Ehehe..thanks for your treats yea.. ^^ I appreciate it.

J3NG said...

this post
i can feel sadness some where
but don know y
r u sad?