20 December 2008

What I'll be doing these few days.

i thought i'd have loads to write about after i've graduated from school or when i'm as free as a lark. but heck life's so monotonous that i have almost nothing interesting to write about.


but i guess i do have a few things scheduled these few days.

tonight's the drama team's musical drama performance for the children's charity night. so far the kids are driving us seniors nuts with their incompentence. now i understand why we were dragged back to help the team this year even when seniors aren't allowed to be on the team in their last year.

the lyd's coming back on monday! yay! somehow i'm looking forward to seeing her again. i miss that little devil. vodka vodka here i come yo! hehe. ^_^

ooh and monkey monkey's going to be back on monday too. I MISS YOU MONKEY! love love.

speaking of which, that reminds me: love interests.

...okay no scratch that. don't even get me started on that subject. i'm as nervous as an bug when it comes down to DATES.

but yeah. it's official - LOVE INTERESTS and DATES. O_O

currently wondering about what to bring to kay-elle with me when i go off for college there. mum only booked two luggage for me so i think that limits the things that i am allowed to take with me on my journey.

any pointers?

i miss everybody. it's true. not being in school and constantly hanging around at home is so boring. yeah sure i have lots of stuff to clean up around here but I MISS MY FRIENDS.

and oddly i miss sarah.


i miss talking to buddy buddy. : | where are you dude?

currently clearing up my stuff at home. so many things to throw away and so many things to keep too. i'm practically covered with dust bunnies most of the time. lol. CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN! squee.

still trying to install everything important into my laptop. it's so hard to get myself settled in a place where there's Wi-Fi so i can do all my downloading. and there are SO MANY DOs and DON'Ts to remember! i find that i am actually a total and absolute IDIOT when it comes to computers. i feel so old and out-dated.

this is NOT happening. O_O

oooh wait.

i've forgotten to introduce lappers have i?

hello, girlfriend. : )

yeah well everyone's calling their laptops LAPPY or LAPPIE (however you spell it) so i ain't so keen on calling mine by those names.

so i've settled with lappers.

sounds less pet-like and more official.


besides, it rhymes with debbers anyway and i love calling debbie as debbers. XD

lappers isn't one that can turn heads but i do adore her. she's quite big for a laptop (15.4 inches) but watching movies on her is blardy awesome. : )))) and i love surfing the internet on a wide-screen. it's like doing your net-surfing on those huge iMac desktops. ^_^

so yeah. say hello to my ASUS M51V - further known to the world from now on as lappers.

i have yet to name her though.

suggestions anyone? : )))

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