17 December 2008

My vacay to KayElle (Kuala Lumpur), Hong Kong and Shen Zhen

i have spent the WHOLE DAY transfering, editing and posting these pictures and writing this entry.

i swear i've never felt my eyes burn so badly in my LIFE. O_O

but anyway, without further ado: MY VACAY POST!!


(i have over 254 pictures from the trip but you know lah i ain't got no time for all of em so here are a bunch of them from the batch.)

roomie n moi, waiting at the Miri Airport.

the little one, Iris.

our transport to the hotel.

one of my favourtie places in the world - the airmail post office. : D

the little penang kafe.


the asam laksa at little penang's is ZOMGABCBBQWHOAH SCRUMPTIOUS! *dies*

fish fish. dinner at Tai Thong Restaurant.

haagen daz!

the morning to hong kong.

KL International Airport in all it's glory. an awesome architecture, i must say.

iris, playing with me specs.

hong kong airlines.

buh-bye malaysia and HELLO HONG KONG! : D

her. : )

to the batmobile!

gigantic plane model in the hong kong terminal airport.

terry (man with yellow GTT sign), our hong kong tour guide.

on the way to our hotel, the kowloon panda.

after reaching the hotel, we didn't have time to hang around and so off we went to our first visit to Mong Kok, The Ladies' Street and Sneaker Street - three of the must-go tourist places in Hong Kong for food and shopping.

food hunt!

our first meal in Hong Kong was here.

hainan chicken rice.

my huge huge HUGE plate of portugese fried rice.

quite frankly the things here in Hong Kong is DAMN expensive (HK$34 for a plate of my fried rice, which is basically RM17. yikes!) but their portions are humungous! i wonder how hong kong people are able to finish the whole thing without gaining weight. O_O

tiff look! a sushi place named after our chinese name!! : D hehe.

cute cakes.

wanna go boho but kenot. T_T

japanese squid balls! total and uber YUMM!

then we headed to the Avenue of Stars, which is like hollywood's walk of fame where they have handprints of asia's most famous celebrities.

cecelia chung. *snicker* I JUST HAD TO!

datuk michelle yeoh's handprint!

tony leung's.

maggie cheung's.

aeroplane li's (jet li).

andy lau's.

jackie chan's, baybehhh!!!!

aaaaaaaaaaaand ACTION!

pretty pretty! : D

the view at avenue's.

moving on, it's to victoria's peak! the area where rich people and celebrities live.

the view upon victoria's peak.

along the journey i noticed that there were LOADS of mercedes benz around. it's like everyone in hong kong only owned mercedes. turned out that hong kong has the most count of mercedes in the world and 90% of the population owns one.

how's THAT.

lan kwai fong - the famous pub area with loads and loads of pubs. : D

and i know just the right person who'd love it here. : )

the kowloon panda.

panda reunion! squee. : D

i love the hong kong streets at night.

and my first supper in hong kong!

hehehe. ; )

huge ass gohan.

i practically CRIED eating this because the portion is O________________O and i was already full. it was torturous dawg. torturous.

the next day, we crossed the ocean to the other side of hong kong.

going through the "no-excuse tunnel" to get to the other side of hong kong.

why is it called the no-excuse tunnel, you ask?

well the funny thing about this tunnel is that back in the days, before the tunnel was built, people had to get to the other side of hong kong through the ferry to get to work. and back in those days there were often occurences of typhoons so the ferry would close down and the men with wives would celebrate the night over at the other side with their mistresses.

but ever since the tunnel was built, there wasn't any excuse for the men to not get home after work.

so there ya go, the history behind the "no-excuse" tunnel. : )

people who watch TVB series would definitely be familiar with this sight. hahaha.

flag-raising ceremony.

off we go on the boats!

Jumbo, the world's largest floating restaurant.

jackie chan's boat. : D

double deckers.

you wanna know what's really interesting about these double-decker buses? well hong kong bought these buses from the British but get this - these machines are built and shipped in from MALAYSIA.




then the day after, it's off to China!! : D

taking the railway train to shen zhen, china.

our hotel in shen zhen.

pweety flah-wers at The World Through a Window "世界之窗".

little japan.

i was in egypt!! haha.

: )

i visited "brazil". XD

and we visited The Land of the Little People:

The Little People's Place "小人国".

HAHAHAHAHAH i just had to take a picture of this.

and the highlight of the whole hong kong trip:


quite frankly disneyland made me feel like a kid again. i don't know what's gotten into me but it's true. disney does have its magic. : )

Mainstreet USA

at the golden mickey's. : )

my favourite people in disneyland - the awesome carolers!! : D


and we caught the lion king show! : D this one was bloody awesome. ^_^

the disney castle at night.

this is only a short clip of the whole 15-minute fireworks display though, so it ain't so interesting. the finale was the best! : )

glad i was there. ^_^

and on the day before we leave, we went window shopping.

why window-shopping only you ask? well, it's because we headed down to Harbour City, the biggest shopping mall where the most world's most expensive brands lie.

oooh yeah. bleed pockets BLEED.

it's crazy how people in hong kong spend their money on the most luxurious brands in the world. take this for example:

people queueing up at the louis vuitton shop.

and the same goes for Gucci and the rest of the ensemble. i walked past all the store and even though they said SALE, their price tags still held FIVE DIGIT NUMBERS.

FIVE i tell you.


of all the solid branded things here in hong kong, i'd rather line up here at:

MUJI MUJI MUJI! love. : )

i personally am in love with muji things. they seem so earth-friendly i couldn't resist. : ) simplicity with style.

my muji-s.

our last day:

kick-ass milk tea. Hong Kong has the best! only at MeiXin's Restaurant.

at the International Airport of Hong Kong.

it felt different to be back in Malaysia after being in Hong Kong and China for the past few days. but nonetheless, i miss the whole malaysian-ness of it all.

day 1 in KayElle.


breakfast at KL's Hong Kong Kimgary's.

nasi briyani at the Laksa Shack.

i didn't take many photos during my trip to kay-elle because quite frankly i'd be staying here in half a month's time anyway. so technically i spent most of my time indulging in the big big BIG bookstores they have here.

heck, i'm even a member of MPH already! haha. : )

am currently reading this one, "People of the Book" by Geraldine Brooks.

but the best part has to be when my mum agreed to let me get the books on promotion.

borders was doing this whole 3 for 2 thing where you get three books that were displayed at the "on sale" section and they give cheapest one for free.

so do you know what is love?


7 coelhos down, 6 more to go. ooooooooooh yay. /: )


so that concludes my trip to these three places on the globe. i have to say that it is a rather interesting experience for me. i haven't been on a vacay for almost 5 years (excluding the drama competitions) and it really does feel good to go on a holiday. i've learnt a few things on this 10-day vacay and hopefully they'll be of use for me in the future.

but for now,

i am loving home. : )

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tarotism said...

Girl this ost is the longest from yors EVER! I didn't quite finish it cz my lappie's bat is running out now. Now in KLIA McDonald's. Will reach Miri 1335 and erm... I'm not going UK in Jan already. Just a sudden thig occured and I'd be going in September. Guess I can go KL and find you and lala?? hehee Don't worry about me, I'm cool with everything. Loves! Deanie

Anonymous said...

Disneyland!! I love how when you walk in there's Disney songs playing at every single lamp post. Nostalgic much!?

I almost cried watching Lion King in Disneyland. =D

tiff pan said...

looks like you had a blast eating and exploring the streets of hong kong.i have yet to visit that place again (the one time i went was when i was 1