25 December 2008

My Christmas 2008.

i'm still finding it hard to believe that it's most probably my last christmas here in miri before i fly off to college next year.

quite frankly my christmases have always been rather monotonous since my family doesn't exactly celebrate it. we only try to mingle with the Xmas spirit by having a hearty dinner together every christmas eve and clinking our glasses of sparkling juice at the stroke of midnight.

and this year, we had a christmas chicken instead of a turkey.

smaller portion. hehe.

besides spending the afternoon with my friends, i spent some of my time catching up with an old guilty-pleasure of mine:

america fererra is awesome. : )

i haven't been watching this series for a while. since my youngest one downloaded PPStream i couldn't resist. : )

no loading, no waiting - just hours and hours of tv series galore!

ugly betty is just about the nicest tv series to watch if you want to kill time. it's both entertaining and inspirational for me.

and marc is still my favourite. he has got to be the bitchiest gay man i've ever met. XD

ahhh love. : )

and earlier on, i've just received my first christmas present from my two younger siblings:

my third Jodi.

sometimes it's a wonder how siblings can seem to be so annoying and irritating but yet, somehow, they still love you deep down inside. : )

even though this year's christmas isn't any more exciting than the ones i've had in before, i think i'm still going to miss it here.

: )

so how was your christmas like?


on a side note, i've gotten this too:

antoine de saint-exupery's "the little prince",
from a certain little prince.

thank you.


2 spilled milk:

tiff pan said...

ahhh "change of a heart" is a good one.even though my favorite jodi picoult book is still "my sister's keeper."i read that one over the summer, on the flight to michigan.haha.i'm currently reading "a long way gone" by ishmael beah.: ) i'm saving jodi picoult's "plain truth" for the way back home.

Anonymous said...

Merry xmas, darl!