23 December 2008

Kurt's new companion.

yes. life has been so monotonous that i haven't been blogging like how i usually am blogging.

do forgive me, readers!

but i promise there will be juicy things to come. currently working on something but it's still not ready to come out into the open yet - hopefully soon. : )

but first!

Smart CharT, Happy KurT and Sleep-Around Sarah and i hung out for a family outing today.

and we got Kurtie a new companion!! : DDDD

say hellooooooooo to Herm-Butch Lee, Kurt's first Hamster / Pet!

I Yam What I Yam. and I Yam Herm-Butch Lee. : )

lol i bet my readers would be thinking: "WHY. IN. THE. WORLD. DID. YOU. GUYS. NAME. IT. HERM. BUTCH."

good question.

well the funny thing that happened was that when thinking of a name for the little critter, i called it b*tch (out of humour reasons hehehe) - and it responded! but unfortunately kurtie (and a lot of people, i'm sure) doesn't like the name so Char wanted to name it Butch.

and since we keep messing up its gender (it's a she but we keep assuming its a he because, well, it just feels like a he) so we also ended up with the name Herm (a cross between Her and Him. hehe).

so we decided to call it Herm-Butch and to "confirm" it (since Kurt's a Roman Catholic we must also confirm the rodent-friend), we gave it the name Escapé (note the little thingey on top of the "E". to be pronounced as es-ka-peh).

and then TAADAAAA - Herm-Butch Escapé Lee is born!

but of course, to make it easier, Herm-Butch's good. : )


okay lame reason. but it's interesting though! hehe.

Herm-Butch, the Gymnast Extraordinaire!

i swear if you see this rodent you'd think its a friggin gymnast.

but in my opinion Herm-Butch might just be a reincarnation of a flying squirrel. hehehe.

I Yam A Climb-er.

welcome to our family, Herm-Butch! : D

and i paid RM1 for the thing so i have custody over her.

yay! ^_^V

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