03 December 2008

Happy Birthday Melly-Woo! : D

to the girl

who's been a true blessing to those all around her.

i remember how this girl right here was so nice to me back when she visited and when i was just a wee lass. although the time that we've spent had been a short one, she left me memories that never cease to bring a smile to my face everytime i think about them after all these years.


a very big big BIG happy birthday wish from the little girl all the way in Malaysia! whee!

i'm counting down the days until i finally get to see you again. hehe. ^_^V

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Melissa Pan said...

awww, thanks michelle! :D i feel so honored to have made it onto a post in your blog. :) i hope to visit malaysia again - it's a beautiful place, and to see you again! <3