17 December 2008

Guess who's back? : )


: )

miss me anyone? hehehe.

ooooh judging from my Cbox and the comments on the last entry i posted, people DO miss me. : D

ahhhh i feel LURVED. smile please.

[flashes big goofy smile]

okay so hong kong and kay-elle post coming up soon. currently i have so many many things to do, i.e. clear my luggage, tidy up my study table (which has apparently been used as a dump site for useless things ever since i was away), re-send the taylor's confirmation and agreement letter and spread out the PRESENTS PRESENTS PRESENTS i've gotten for people.

: )))))

so basically i have to complete my other tasks first before i blog about my vacay.

patience, grasshopper. my updates are coming in soon!

2 spilled milk:

b~is me. said...

Welcome back!
Missed your posts .. ):

Michellious said...

aww. : ) *hugs* thanks for being so sweet b! well i'm BACK so no worries! more crazy michellious things coming your way! haha.

and i missed YOUR blog posts too. apparently you've been blogging a LOT so it's a good thing. ^_^ yay posts for me to read! heehee.