02 December 2008

FREEDOM! Messed up schedule. Waltz. Guess the colour.


like omg i can't believe i'm actually FREE now. O_O

hmm somehow it doesn't feel as liberating as i thought it'd be. but what the hey, i'm done with high school! : DDDDD

but quite frankly though, even if college's much different from high school life, i'm really anxious and nervous about it. freedom is one thing, being independant is another. (>_<) hopefully i'll be able to work out college life. the mere thought of it actually scares me to death.


my schedule keeps messing up recently. i don't know if anyone's noticed, but whenever we have a perfectly nice schedule planned out, something ALWAYS comes around to screw things up.


so i've decided to just kill my schedule. to hell with planned tasks. i'll just remember to do all of them and not have to make a specific time for them so my schedule won't keep messin' up itself.

i tried doing the waltz today... and DAMN IT IS SO DIFFICULT!

okay maybe not SO difficult if you practice all the time but for big fat klutz-s like me, waltz is too graceful of a dance for me to be handle.


but what the hey, i won't want to disappoint my dear monkey so i'll have to try my best.

yosh!! jeng jeng and i can do it! : D *high-5s jeng*


guess what colour this is?

take a gooooood look at it and keep it in your head,

because you'll be seeing quite a lot of it.


2 spilled milk:

Lynette@jeng said...

Congrats on finishing you SPM!!
I would have been done with SPM too if I didn't take peralihan class. =.="""""


tiff pan said...

your prom dress is that color. haha.congrats on finishing your last paper! i wish you the most fun in the time between now and college. wow it must be so carefree for you right now. college isn't perfect, but it's a time for growth!look forward to it!embrace the fear - it makes the journey more abundant.