26 December 2008

The days are wearing out.

"When It Rains " by Paramore

hayley williams is so SO awesome. really.


i'm feeling extra weary recently. maybe it's because the days are passing me by so quickly and there are still so many things on my schedule that i have to finish in time.

and it STILL feels like i haven't been spending enough time with the ones i love yet.


i keep crossing out the dates as each day passes me by.

just looking at the calendar is enough to make me feel so much more sentimental as 2008 comes to a close.

memories of high school kepep rushing back into my mind these few days. i am constantly thinking about how happy i was in high school that i actually wanted everything to just stay that way. and all of the sudden, the thought of college frightens me so badly that i wish i didn't have to go.

i feel like wrapping myself up in my own little cocoon and hiding from reality for a while.

ugh. =_=

okay no. i'll stop the sentimentality. back to my books and bickford's.

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tiff pan said...

reading your post makes me feel sentimental as well. i visited my school on thursday.it was quite strange being back after graduating because even though you're still welcome when you go back, you know that it's not your "territory" anymore. you see a new set of seniors sitting in your old classroom and it feels...lost.but we have to grow up eventually.it's all part of life, dear.