16 November 2008

Upset stomach. Chemistry. Madagascar 2.

i officially have an upset stomach for about 3 days now.

i usually don't go through these days a lot. heck, i don't even think i remember ever getting a diarrhea for the past few years already.

but now, i have to endure THIS everyday.

i really, REALLY don't like getting an upset stomach. makes my day a little more grumpier than usual.

: (

i've been digging my head into loads of 6.02 x 10^23, MV/1000 and potassium sodium calcium magnesium altogether today.

close friends of mine would know that one of my ultimate enemies in all the subjects that i take is chemistry. i seriously don't understand how some people can easily breeze on by with this subject when i'm literally stabbing my brains out with my pencil after every question.

i've already delayed studying chem for two days straight, so i had to start today. but seemingly i am still hopeless at getting my molars and my ions straight.


thank God i'm not doing anything chemistry-related after high-school or else my brain would be vege-dead soon. urgh.

movie mania with mum later!! suprisingly i am looking forward to it. guess which one she wants to watch?

owh yes. she likes madagascar 2.

my mum has this quirky liking towards dreamworks animations. just earlier today i had to sacrifice my CSI: Supreme Sunday so that she could catch Ice Age on StarMovies.

she screamed when i changed the channel for just a second. hehehe.

yet another random random day.


i feel another toilet-session coming on. pleh. : ((((

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