14 November 2008

Sweat. Driving in Miri. Taking 5 with The Lyd.

miri wins hands down for being the hottest city in the whole of malaysia. i swear that this place is built on a Sahara Desert with a secret miracle underground water-system that keeps it going.

faced a terrible jam on the way home from school today. i was stuck in that annoying and horrible friggin jam where i could feel my calories burning away under that blasted sun even with the air-conditioning blowing full-speed into my face okay.

p/s i wonder how mirians ever got their driving licence. some people just drive like crazy lunatics and seemingly they do not know that there's this toggle thingey on their right called a "signal" and they do not use it.

=_______________________= '''

but then again i heard that in KL it's even worse. whoohoo hopefully pedestrians don't get run down as often.


on a side note, took 5 with the lyd and my two children when ms tiong decided on not to continue my english literature lessons.

nothing special though. just some random pics of the day.

peekchures - INCOMING!

some hairy-pubed fruits from charT to the lyd. hehehe.

she has this thing for my boobs. no kidding.

i know that people say that two heads are always better than one, but we've got three too many. 3 brains = very retarded topics okay wtf.

she got stuck when she tried to cross the road through the fence hahahaha.

and 2 random random videos, just for kicks. hehe. :

whoohoo what a day.

now back to my studying. 8 )

... hello chemistry. owh yay. pfft.

1 spilled milk:

J3NG said...

she is leaving?
no more in chung hua?
i'will miss u T.T
lolz >.<