15 November 2008

Stomach ache. Eng Lit Sessions at Sa's.

i'm feeling a bit whoosy today. like every now and then something would come churning up in my abdomen and i feel like puking everywhere.

please tell me i'm not falling sick now. i don't want to not be able to concentrate on my work right now. : ((((

hung out at the sarah's for some english literature lessons.

i swear english literature is one of the most brain-frizzing subjects ever. it requires one to think so much that i would reach a certain extent where i feel frustrated and my brain would literally stop itself from thinking further.

it's true. my brain cells would refuse to function altogether.

it's a wonder how sarah can actually handle everything that's covered in the book. she goes on and on and on and on like a friggin train okay. it baffles me how she could come up with so many questions and arguements.

i need a brain like hers if i want to score this thing. (>_<)

tiongee tried doing the University of New South Wales paper that sarah, chart and i did a couple of months back. i could've sworn that her hair got frizzier after every question.


it's a random random day.


BBQ session with the family tonight!! more meat = more KGs wtf.

i really need to go on a diet already.

1 spilled milk:

Anonymous said...

LOL! The last photo..Sarah so funny lah! We go kidnap her and transplant her ultimate brain to ours..lol