29 November 2008

Random update: Last paper. Schedule. Demi Lavato.

last paper next tuesday!!!

it's hard to believe that everything's going to end soon. i have yet to let everything sink in because it seems neverending to me. heh.

going to sit for my last paper for the finals: Basic Economics. i haven't actually started studying yet, and i better do so like right NOW or else i'll have a hellava hard time dealing with the papers. (>_<)

after the final paper on Dec 2nd my schedule would be so packed i can just kiss goodbye to days where i can kick back and relax. O_O


my schedule would probably include these (not in order):

- facial facial facial and *probably* some w a x i n g. _shudder_
- hanging out with Si Ying and Daddy Kerrie
- practicing for prom with band and deaney
- packing up for my vacay from 7th-16th!
- getting stuff ready for college
- making my final decisions for my laptop at the PC Fair
- get my hair dooooone sigh.

so many things to do, so little time. i might just go balistic. somehow when i think about it, it doesn't feel as exciting anymore... like all the anticipation would fade slowly away in time. _sigh_

oooooh has anyone seen demi lovato's new music video "Get Back" yet?

lol i can't see why she can't beat lil ol' MC with this video. she's so much better at singing and much much MUCH prettier too.

although i do have to admit that when watching this video is just screams PARAMORE through and through. i don't mean the music, but the way how demi presents herself. maybe not as punk as paramore but she definitely gives the hayley williams feel. and the album cover is somewhat similar to paramore's too.

but then again who am i to say eh? she's still a pretty awesome singer for her age. : )

RAWK ON DEMI. whee. ^_^

2 spilled milk:

tarotism said...

girl, I love demi so much and by the way, I do know aout that song when I was so obsessed with Camp Rock. lolSS


Jill said...

heylo! I return to Miri on the 16th! I can help you with the laptop choosing thingamajig if you want! =)