09 November 2008

Random snippets.

tips about the upcoming finals are being leaked out through messages and emails non-stop.

if that's the case and everyone does REALLY well for this year's finals, then the standard percentage would sky-rocket...

and that's baaaaad news for people like me who's only doing average. O_O


i've been online today, checking out random blogs of somewhat famous bloggers.

and it has come to my attention that i really need to pimp up my blog.

this will be one of the top-priorities on my list of to-dos after finals.

[makes mental note]


people are literally finding it suprising that i have finally signed up for Pet Society on my facebook.

i personally think that i need the pre-exam destress right now. quite frankly i don't study (much), yet i feel the pressure coming onto me. yes i am somewhat a very contradictory person. and sometimes i have my own weird ways of showing it.

what? is it THAT suprising that i've decided to give in to online peer pressure (if there ever WAS one) and play Pet Society? it's a free country okay. i'll decide on which game i want or do not wish to play okay tengkiu.

yes, i named it Prego.

don laf okay. i ran out of names already lah.

plus i was hungry. hehehe.


mum's being really touchy-feely about my starting college next year. she couldn't stop lecturing me about being safe, taking care of myself, studying there, etc.

and the other day when i was watching TV, we had a very short conversation. and it went down like this:

big m: girl ah ~ (sits down beside me)

small m: ha. what. (continues to watch tv)

big m: tell you something... wei, are you listening to me onot?

small m: ya ya listening.

big m: i tell you hor, when you go off to study kan... *tv sound effects muffles mother's talking*

small m: ha? what?


small m: ha? why would you think that?

big m: well because arh, with you gone, there'll be only J and V left around here. with them kan, they always talk back to me when i nag on them arh. with you at least i have someone to nag on mah...

small m: .... (sweat)

tell me again which part of this conversation is it supposed to make me feel like i'm dearly missed. because apparently i feel like i'm going to be missed for the wrong reasons. =_____=

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