21 November 2008

Of mixtapes and new loves.

i suppose i have this rather queer way of hanging out at music stores.

one of my favourite things to do when i'm around a music store is to dive into the section with a huge neon sign that says "CASETTES FOR SALE! 1 FOR RM2, 3 FOR RM5!"

and just last night i was at a music store.

so i did what i thought was the only sane thing to do:

i splurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrged.

: )))))

first up - TEXAS!!!! (screaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamsssssssssss)

i remember wanting to get a Texas album WAYYYYY back when i was just a wee lass.

i've always had this feeling towards this band ever since i first saw them on TV. i remembered staring at the screen and at the lead, Sharleen Spiteri and i thought: hey. this woman looks like my english teacher.


i never really understood what that feeling was when i saw sharleen spiteri's music videos but as i grew older the feelings unfolded themselves and well, let's just say i slowly came to love the band. ; )

then there's my boy Teddy Geiger.

when this guy first came out with For You I Will, all them girls swoooooooooned over him. i wasn't one of them squealling girls but i remembered being mesmerized by the tantalizing strumming of the acoustics from his guitar.

ultimate bliss that is for a guitar chic like me. : )))

i wouldn't exactly say that i've been wanting to get this album but since it was on sale i figured what the hell, right? hehe.

and last but not least - SHAKIRA!

her album oral fixation vol. 2 is the BOMB!

it's kindda funny actually because before i went down to get these casettes i was at the top floor standing outside this electrical appliances store watching Shakira's Concert on high definition plasma that was on display at the window. passers-by stared at me as they walked past. i bet they were thinking what this tiny round thing (points at self) was so attracted to on the plasma.

but when they saw what i was watching they stopped to watch too. lol no one can deny that shakira's dance moves tempts even the most abstinent of all people. hehe. heck i bet even the priest wants her.


so far oral fixation is delicious. the lyrics are so raw. so liberating. it's amazing how shakira is so talented in so many, many ways.

: )

oooh and guess what i finished downloading??


some french dude compiled all the music that was featured in the 5th installment of the series and placed it in an album that he named One Tree Hill Season 5.

and guess what else is even more mind-blowing?


yeaaap. you've heard it right.

i didn't know there were so many in there but i downloaded it anyway, thinking i'd find some new songs to share. but when i finished unzipping the folder, you could just imagine my suprise.


no wonder it took me days to finish the download. hehe.

i found a few favourites in the album and i discovered new loves too.

and one of them is this woman with the gorgeous raspy voice, adrianna.

her song 10,000 Stones is beautiful. the lyrics are really inspiring too. it's definitely worth a listen.

i haven't exactly finished listening to every song on the album yet (like hello there are almost 864MB worth of songs in there okay) and i'm not able to list all of them here. but so far here are some really awesome songs that you guys could check out:

- "Ashes and Wine" by A Fine Frenzy
- "10,000 Stones" by Adrianna
- "Shine" by Anna Nalick
- "Feel This" by Bethany Joy Lenz aka Bethany Joy Galeotti
- "Bloody Nose" Earlimart
- "Pitterpat" by Erin McCarley
- "Pony" by Erin McCarley

do give these songs a go. they're pure poetic masterpieces (well, at least to me). more recommendations to come!

and if anyone ever wants the songs, you'll know where to find me. i live to share. : )

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