22 November 2008

New Love - Sharleene Spiteri. Out with Deaney. What my mum did again.

even after so many years she never fails to amaze me.

sharleen spiteri is just the most amazing musician ever. her new album is a milestone's difference from her previous works but it was mind-blowing nonetheless.

from the 90's pop rock band to the sounds and textures of '60s soul, '50s rock'n'roll and doo-wop, it's an album that's vintage in flavour yet utterly contemporary in spirit. alongside the new generation of retro-obsessed UK songbirds such as Amy Winehouse, Duffy and Adele, it's a timely reminder that Sharleen was already dabbling in similar influences.

[ i've got the album so write to me if you up for a little retro. ^_^ ]

deaney was left alone last night by his parents and his brother had activities in school until 9pm. so the chellious did what a friend could do - hang out. : )

we dove into this tiny place called X-Cuisine which was near my house.

the boy.

my cuppa cocoa.

dean's share of stone bowl rice with chicken.

and mine, noodles with shrimp wantons.

it was my second time there at X-Cuisine and in my opinion it ain't so bad. although the price is just a little big higher than average, the portion is big enough for a typical asian.

give X-Cuisine a try and judge for yourself. : )

deaney dropped me off at home at around 9-ish and at the time i was alone.

the rest of my family came home a while after.

that was when i noticed mum with that mischievous look plastered all over her face.

m: eh mother.

big m: [smug looking face]

m: ... what's the matter with you. what did you do again this time?

big m: [snickers]

m: M-O-M. why do you look so LIDDAT one. =_=

big m: hehehe. you want to know what new present i got??

m: want. tell me.

big m: you guess lah.

m: ... mum please. i don't know what you got. so just tell me.

big m: [giggles]

m: MUM!

big m: okay okay okay!! i got THIS!

then she revealed what she was hiding behind her back...


i immediately went like O_O when i saw it and then a huge squeal came right after. i wanted to get the album the other day but i didn't have the money but my mum took advantage of my dad and bought it when he was around with her.



big m: cheh. why must tell you. [puts on smug face again]

m: eeeeeeeee yay now i can listen to it when i'm in KL!! whee! thanks mum!!!

big m: eh. hello. who said this is for you wei. this album is MINE okay. you want one you buy yourself hor. [snatches from my hand]

m: ... T_T

sometimes she is just so evil.

but no fear.

i am ripping the songs into the computer as we speak. ngehehehehe. *evil smirk*

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