24 November 2008

The new Gmail template. A Fine Frenzy LOVE! Ooooh and Jessie Baylin too. : )

has anyone tried out the new Gmail template yet?

and did anyone happen to choose the same template as i did?

because if you did,

and if you could already guess what my excitement is,

then lucky you. : )

Gmail has come up with a whole new set of templates to tickle your fancy.

and guess what MY Gmail template does??

well usually on a usual normal sun-shiny day, my Gmail background's just a clear blue sky with a big ol' oak tree standing solo on a wide open field at the bottom of my page, like so:

click to enlarge.

but when it starts RAINING, my background becomes THIS:

click to enlarge.

totally awesome right?! : DDDDD

i am lovin' gmail more and more now. fwah! ^_^


just finished downloading A Fine Frenzy's album last night.

my verdict? AWE-SOME-NESS!

track listing for "One Cell In The Sea"

1. "Come On, Come Out" — 3:35
2. "The Minnow & the Trout" — 4:28
3. "Whisper" — 4:56
4. "You Picked Me" — 4:23
5. "Rangers" — 4:33
6. "Almost Lover" — 4:28
7. "Think of You" — 4:06
8. "Ashes and Wine" — 4:20
9. "Liar, Liar" — 5:55
10. "Last of Days" — 4:12
11. "Lifesize" — 3:44
12. "Near to You" — 4:35
13. "Hope for the Hopeless" — 4:17
14. "Borrowed Time" — 4:13

as i've said before, her "ashes and wine" is by far my favourite. but after listening to the albums for sometime, the songs "come on, come out", "lifesize", "think of you" and "almost lover" are just as wonderful. the way that sudol writes her lyrics are so... poetic. i've never seen anything like it. pure genius i tell you. PURE genius. : )

get dips on the songs on the album on imeem!

or drop me an email for your favourite! : )


oooh and not forget another one of my new loves:

ladies and gentlemen, say hi to the dearest Jessie Baylin. : )

her folk and jazz music makes me smile when i listen to her. ^_^

and thanks to a certain buddy of mine, i came to know of this lovely lady with the wonderful voice. hehe.

thanks buddy buddy. you know who you are. : )

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