22 November 2008

Happy Birthday - Jazzy and V

to jazzy,

waaaaaaaaaay back in 2004 (don laf hor)

i remember when we used to hang out at the backyard, playing with little plastic kitchenware and pretending to cook.

i remember hanging out at your house and we'd play around in your room and it would seem like it'd last forever.

i remember you teaching me how to blow a bubble gum.

i remember when you taught me to eat Horlicks straight out of the can.

i remember watching an old horror movie at your house and it was about huge gargantuan spiders.

i remember us pretending to be on a rollercoster when i hitched a ride home from school at the back of your dad's car.

i remember eating your mum's thai food and i loved every minute of it.

those were the days, huh? : )

i miss you buddy. more than you'd know. you were the closest neighbour i've ever had. because of you i knew of letters and ever since i wrote my first one to you, i never stopped writing one ever since. for almost eleven years we've been sending letters to each other. now THAT'S something i'm really proud of when it comes to our friendship. : )

hope you had a great birthday love! can't wait to see you next year. ^_^

to v,

i've seen you grow from the most innocent and gullible little baby toddler into who you are now, the head-turning young teenager who never ceases to put up a good fight.

you'll always be my little sister forever, v. no matter how much you tick me off with your little pompousness i'll always love you kiddo.

you better take care of yourself when i'm not around. [hugs]

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jasmine218 said...

awww... *huggles*
thank you so much for the post neh!
haha you'll be pretty much shocked (ok maybe not to the max) when you see how i look like right now~ xD ahahahah!

the good old days, neh? ^^
i can only remember most of them, but not all! (me being old haha~) bah i miss those days! i do wish i'm still saying right at your backyard xD (*lol* at the roller coaster thingy ahahah! just because my dad's car has this.. handle thingy right behind the driver's and passenger seat and we grip on it with all our hearts! xD)

i'm proud of US, too! xD *huggles*
i'm so happy to know that you're coming over here to study!! we can really hang out and you can crash at my place xD *yays* xD

i'm really looking forward to next year neh!
thank you for everything, my dear! ^^