13 November 2008

Girly much?

TONIGHT! i brought my sister splurging at the gas station mini market again. i totally love doing that nowadays. i think it's pre-college symptoms. like i need to spend as much time as possible with my siblings before i fly off to college next year.

i am finding this amusing. hehe.


point is, this is the first time EVER that i paid RM9 for a japanese fashion magazine.


you heard me right.

japanese. fashion. magazine. me. buy.

no i haven't lost it really. well, not yet anyway. lol i just thought i'd try it out. which by the way is freaking me out because it seems that the girly-girl in me is dominating my somewhat androgynous exterior.

and this post is solely dedicated to the woman in me. hahaha wtf.

okay! so!

the magazine:

it's all in japanese and i do not understand a WORD. lol but the point is in the pictures right? : )

simple casual. supahh lurrrrve.

: )

ooh ooh ooh

and look who i found!!! :

Asami Imajuku!!! *dies*

i totally fell in love with her in LOVE MY LIFE the movie. she's just THE coolest okay.

she is so so wonderful! ^_^

prep love!

after i lose 10kgs i am going boho. for shiz. :

omg reika hashimoto is such an inspiration. : )

and if i were skinnier i would totally do this:

her short hair and that petite frame is incredible. must have. makes mental note can.

[end of girly-ness]

back to androgynous self already can wtf.

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Anonymous said...

WHERE DID U BUY THAT MAGAZINE?! Those pics look so gorgeous! I definite wan to buy one!