20 November 2008

A dedication, to The Lyd.

no other teacher can earn the concrete title as the Wittiest and Most Annoying Teacher In The World like how she does.

now let me introduce to you one of the people who've become rather infamous thanks to my constant blogging and trashing:

say hello, to my dearest teacher "The Lyd" (as we call her).

the lyd first came to teach at our school in the beginning of the year of 2005. she was just a newcomer back then; to the senior staff she was only just a newbie in our school, a school that has earned the reputation as an institution tough enough to make the teachers twist in agony in their dreams at night.

but somehow, to the students here she was quite something else. she turned heads and stopped traffic (the one in school, that is) everywhere she sashayed. sporting that tiny mini skirt worn with a petite blouse that emphasised her, uh, lumps(?), her neatly tied hair and those thick, horn-rimmed glasses with books in one hand and a sleek and threatening cane in the other, the lyd has given herself quite a reputation in school too.

hehehe. : )

i first came to know her back in 2006 when she became my english teacher. i didn't know anything about her back then, and soon i realised that the lyd's a rather big suprise despite her petite and harmless looking exterior.

and little did i know that i would be stuck with her for the rest of my senior years in high school.

the lyd is a rather interesting specimen. she isn't like rest of the teachers who are always concerned about "how-a-teacher-should-act" which in the end prevented thems from opening up with the rest of the students.

the lyd is rather open about herself and she socializes with other people, regardless of who they are, how old they are and what their backgrounds are like. she's one of those people who don't really care about detail. in her own very words:

if you're okay with me, then i'm okay with you. if you're nice to me, i'll be nice to you too. but if you disrespect me and backstab me and whatever shit that try to annoy the living daylights out of me...

well quite frankly i don't give a f*ck.

owh. did i not mention that she's got spunk?


anyone who knows the lyd would definitely know that she is one of the best, if not THE BEST, dance choreographers EVAH. she blossoms tremendously in performing arts and her specialty is, quite obviously, the traditional indian dance... with her own twist that is. : )

and i guess it's pretty much because of her that i've gotten to love indian dances, indian food, and anything indian.

being on the road with her for the past 3 years were quite unforgettable. we've been stuck in a shit-hole of a motel in mukah for the states in 2006, we've quarrelled and fought on the road due to some clashing of ideas and opinions and such, we've been through mishaps and misunderstandings, we've shared our stories and life-lessons...

i'd be lying through my teeth if i were to tell you those days meant nothing to me.

ahh she's such a good sport. : )

bringing the beret back.

all of us stuck together like sardines in a can for the past 3 years and indeed, all of us have developed an unexplainable yet extraordinary relationship + friendship with this woman.

she may be one of the most annoying and most sarcastic people on this side of the planet, we still love her.

lesson 1: do not mess with the woman with the claws.

the lyd likes all sorts of weird things. but for a rather different teacher like her it's not really a really big shock now is it. ; D

her big day.

one of the best times that i remember is attending her wedding that was held this year in June.

it really was one of those days when i could see a different kind of sparkle in her eyes. needless to say that being close with her eventually led me into knowing her husband.

i call him belacan. because he calls me that.

and he would phone me sometimes in the middle of my studying just to annoy the crap out of me just because he finds it entertaining and just because he can.

belacan is big man.

and he's mean and sarcastic.

hmm. somehow that sounds like a match made in heaven.

yet i'm still trying to accept the fact that my beloved teacher is married to that dude with the red horns and the tail.


imma miss you miss lydia!

i'll never forget all the things you taught me. before i met you i was just this ordinary girl with nothing but an innocent mind tucked in this thing i call a brain. but after getting to know you, i've learned so much about life. i might not know everything yet, but you have taught me a great deal that's enough for me to be on my way after high school and when i take my first step into college. i used to be this sensitive kid that cried about everything but now, thanks to you, i've toughened up and i've learned to not let anything get to me so easily.

with your hard work and undefeatable will, you've changed our lives. you brought the CH Drama Team from a consolation team in 2005 all the way to the top at winning nationals in 2006. without your patience and love, we wouldn't have gotten to where we are now.

there are no words in me to thank you enough love. and i mean it.

we're going to miss you back here. and don't you forget that!

hopefully belacan will make you a happy woman.(not that i doubt him but seriously how can you tahan THAT man. he annoys the living daylights out of me. but heck, i guess that's his way of displaying signs of affection. owh yay.)




yeah we geddit. =_=

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tarotism said...

All the Best Miss Lyd.


Peace out! XD

Anonymous said...

Miss Lydia muacks muacks muacks!^^

The tough woman!(女强人) wuiwit~

Stay sexy Miss Lyd! All the best!
[She would say:"I know I'm sexy] =P

J3NG said...

chelle.....u forget about some thing about her
she will say wtf or what wrong with u b**ch
lolz the first teacher i know that say bad word in fround of her student lolz lolz lolz
i will never forget this lolz teacher in my like lolz

Anonymous said...

oh dear...my sis say things lidat ah to u people?

later i go see her and wash her mouth with soap.


what can i say about this post ah... she is an annoying sister and that annoying husband of hers..