25 November 2008

Awed. Really. REALLY.

yeah i know i know i've been hanging out at YouTube too much these few days. i should get a life.

but seriously, there is no other source better than YouTube when it comes to getting the best videos EVERRRRRR.

okay back to my point.

i watched Oprah's today and that episode was about 10 wonderful talents from children. and i have to say from that show, i discovered a few of the most amazing kids i've ever seen in my LIFE.

but there were two kids that really got to me. so for those who hasn't known about them yet, here they are.

introducing the 2-year-old geographical genius, LILLY! : D

if i could read a map like THAT then i wouldn't have had problems getting an A for my PMR. XD

but my favourite has to be this wonderful, wonderful 16-year-old Charice Pempengco from the Philippines.

this girl.



her voice.



blew me away.

and with a down-to-earth personality like hers, who wouldn't love her? i know i do. : )

Charice on Oprah

Charice on Ellen DeGeneres

ellen was nice enough to get her that iTouch. : )

Charice on David Foster's

but her greatest moment, is THIS:

Charice, meeting with her biggest idol Celine Dion and doing a duet at Madison Square with her.

when your ultimate idol (and a world-reknown one at that) invites you to perform with her on stage with millions of audiences watching, wouldn't that be your biggest dream come true??

i cry cry cry CRYYYYY every single time i watch these two clips.

charice is totally blessed with everything in the world. : ))))

that voice.

that confidence.

that POWER.

charice, i get speechless when i hear you sing. you are amazing. : )

i don't care about how people compare her to bianca ryan. charice is asia's biggest treasure. and i don't have to be a filipino to be proud of charice. ^_^


yeap that pretty much sums it up.


back to katers17. XD

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading this post of yours about the talented kids on Oprah. Especially about the young dive, Charice Pempengco. She is awesome...
Take care and I'm enjoying reading your blog too...