07 November 2008

Another night to think about.

tonight was another one of those nights where hotpots and barbequed pork and grilled clams and birthday cakes adorn the dinner table.

it's grandpa's birthday today. everyone came back to the old house to celebrate his 87th and it was quite heart-warming. we didn't have exclusive dinner meals or great entertainment but we did in fact have something which i consider much better than that - a great family dinner with one another and tonnes of laughter shared amongst ourselves.

i'm going to miss this when i leave. earlier today everyone couldn't resist but ask about how my college application's gone.

quite frankly, i'm not that keen on leaving. i mean, out of the 18 years of my life spent in this little town, there are some days when i wish i could go out and start living a life where i could control anything and everything that evolves around me. but now that the days are passing me by faster than ever, all i could say is that i'm actually going to miss it here.

of all the memories i have, this is still where i call Home.

and there will be no other place on this planet that's more fun or interesting enought to ever replace the Homes in our hearts.


on a side note,

i brought my youngest sister on yet another one of our little-shopping-splurges for gas station mini market goodies earlier this afternoon.

after a long search through the tempting colourful product packagings and tasty looking beverages that line up like little tin soldiers in the fridge, i finally decided to get myself a small little pandan cupcake.

i was rather hungry so the thought of biting into a soft little pastry with cream filling was deliberately mouth-watering. i couldn't wait to get back home after the purchase to devour that petite little loveliness.

but when i opened the little packet of so-thought loveliness and bit into it...

it was EMPTY.

empty i say!!!

no cream filling!!!

not even one little splatter!!!


you can just imagine my frustration.

malaysian products.

cis you. tipu me. berani engkau.

1 spilled milk:

Ning Chai said...

No way, whatever happen to consumer rights and menjamin mutu product? er..... gr....