27 November 2008

Almost at the finish point.

the hands of the clock moved in their usual slow pace, waiting for the second hand to finish it's final lap.




at that precise moment,
the whistle blew.

in the next room, the students started cheering and shouting. i collected my stationery and walked out of the hall. most of the students have already cleared their things and were rushing down the stairs. some of us who still had papers on the following week hung on to their faces drunk with fatigue while the rest who had finished today wore smiles from ear to ear.

i packed my bags and headed for the stairs. at every step i could hear people cheering, clapping, shouting. i reached the ground floor and caught sight of some of the boys and their cars, all lined up along the sidewalks, parked bumper kissing bumper. they stood at the driver's side, doors opened wide with one hand ready on the steering wheels.






the roaring sounds of their horns blew off. repeatedly the loud blaring of the horns soared for almost 5 minutes, but for some of them it felt like a victory salute that lasted for the longest of time. laughter filled the corridors of the school that were lined with papers that the students threw into the air as soon as the sound of the whistle went off earlier.

i walked along the sidelines and watched, taking in the excitement and the happiness that has yet to come for me. one of the rare smiles crept up onto my face as i slowly made my way to the car.

it's going to be soon now.

very soon.

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