01 October 2008

To the lake, I will go.

8 hours to go

until i depart on the one-hour trip to the lake.

what am i still doing up at 12 in the morning?

quite frankly,

i'm not that sure either.

i have been watching the VMAs on MTV but it hasn't helped.

heck, even paramore playing LIVE on TV didn't work.

i'm in denial, maybe. or just waiting for another miracle to happen.

je ne sais pas.

at this exact moment,

people around the world are going through something.

some are working, some are spending time with their loved ones;

some are happy, some are sad;

some are laughing their hearts out, while others are crying in the corner.


people do things without reason

and they always end up hurting themselves in the process.

teach me how to overcome this feeling?

because i can't do it alone.

i second that phrase, tiffo.

je ne sais pas.

je ne sais pas quoi faire.

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