19 October 2008

(Regained) Love - Missy Higgins.

she's got two albums;

she's won 10 awards and was nominated for eleven in the past four years;

she's got an exotic voice;

she's talented and makes wonderful music;

she's gorgeous;

she's down-to-earth;

she's on a tour to realise the importance of nature and going GREEN (the tour's carbon neutral);

and she's a vegetarian.

i think i've got just about enough reasons why i absolutely adore missy higgins. : ) she's bisexual, but i consider that a big huge plus. : ) EQUALITY RULEZ!

missy tops my list. the rest cannot compare. ^_^

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griz said...

i've been here..!!!! like you said..i AM leaving a comment here

tarotism said...

lol this is so a comment >.<